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Have you ever received a branded T-shirt or a cap that you had to wear but you really (but really, really…) didn’t want? Don’t let this happen to your brand. Because the result is pretty much what I would call a merchandise nightmare.

You see the trick with great merchandising is to give your employees something they can’t refuse – and definitely not something they can’t wait to get rid of! If you get the formula right, trust me – they will use it even if it has your logo splattered all over the item. Here we have two tips for you to entice your employees.


Moleskine brand

The Moleskine brand is one you may like to be associated with.

The first one is to offer something unique. A couple of years ago that would have been a power bank and although that is still a pretty easy bet, we can help you find other ideas: for instance a backpack with a solar power bank charger. Not only will you never go without battery but you are charging your phone in an environmentally friendly way. And if not Malta where else can you get 300 days of guaranteed sun to charge your power bank? (Yes Dubai, we know!) 🙂

Brand recognition

The second strategy is to pair up with a big brand. Say you want to give your staff a great diary for 2019. Then why wouldn’t you offer arguably the most recognizable diary of all time, produced by Moleskine? Now that is one item that will not only fit in your pocket but will want to remain in it!

If you need any other ideas for your staff just reach out to us. There are tens of thousands of items that we can chose from and the trick is to identify the right one for you.