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The key to effective marketing is a strong message because without it, all our marketing efforts just become noise. And like most successful companies you probably have a clear brand. We’d like to share with you 5 tips on how to manage your brand message effectively.

Define your message

Make sure it is clearly defined. If you think that your message is not right or not clear in your mind then don’t be afraid to rethink it, or at least iterate and fine tune. Defining the message should be done on the basis of good market research. So make sure you know the customer profile of who it is you are talking to.

Repeat, repeat… repeat

Repetition is key. Once you’ve defined your message make sure you stick to it in all your marketing cause that’s the only way you’ll build on what you are saying. As Al Lautenslager, Entrepreneur Guest Writer, puts it, doing something once is an event. Doing it over and over again is a process.

Use Targeting

Like an onion your messaging should have multiple layers. Use variations of your key message to micro-target the different audiences in your individual market segments. Once again, this should be based on good market research.

Be consistent

Whether you’re choosing the colours, the slogan or the promotional products for your campaign make sure your choices are consistent and that they reflect as best as possible the message you want to get across. So don’t use different logos, colour schemes, or even slogans. All your marketing content should sing from the same hymn sheet.

Don’t stop

Be relentless on the intensity of your marketing. When you get sick of hearing your own message take that as a good sign and a motivation to continue drumming the same tune.

If you’d like to talk to us about your company’s messaging through promotional products, this is one of the things we’re great at. We can help you tailor branded products to get your message out there. Just give us a shout!