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32 teams from across the globe will gather to play the world’s biggest sports competition, the World Cup.

Until Sunday 15th July fans wearing football merchandise in support of their team will populate the World Cup stadiums (and virtually every restaurant and pub). Everything will be branded and World Cup merchandise will be literally EVERYWHERE!

FIFA goes to great lengths to leverage the event (and its huge viewership) for advertising revenues. They brand the players from head to toe, they brand the ball and they brand the water they drink. They even brand the towels they use. But most of all, they “brand” the fans! This creates a world of opportunity for all sorts of companies in the consumer goods segment to create promotional merchandising and sell it. Not just for the revenues that the sales will bring, but also for the opportunity to give their brand a strong push on the back of the World Cup.

And companies run wild with their imaginations. From Panini sticker albums, to special edition world-cup edition sneakers, to world-cup edition Mars bars, the World Cup fever knows no limits.

In the moment

Companies that go down the route of World Cup merchandising, are riding a wave. When the World Cup is the main thing on everyone’s mind, World Cup merchandise is all-the-rage. This of course all disappears when the tournament comes to a close. Overnight promotional products with World Cup insignia become obsolete. In one sweep the Cup is clinched and the euphoria all goes away.

30 percent off

The minute the game ends prices of World Cup merchandise plummet!

The trick with World Cup merchandise

World Cup promotional merchandising requires careful budgeting and an appetite for risk. Whether the company in question is using the branded products for advertising purposes or to generate revenue from sales, the trick is to distribute as much of the product as possible before it reaches its sell-by date. It’s as simple as that. Sell it all before the final!

Companies that factor risk into the base cost of their product or campaign reap the financial benefits of this massive football fever. So more than anything else it’s all about careful planning and comfortable risk margins.

But the one take home message is to keep your eye on the clock. Getting the timing right on the preparation, sales and distribution of World Cup-related promotional products is crucial!!

Talk to us

If you’re a football club or a company looking for some promotional merchandising to get your name into the game, then we have several suppliers that specialise in football merchandising. We would love to hear from you!