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How our promotional message campaign got featured on the national news.

The brief

Dive Systems approached us a couple of months before the assignment, saying that they were celebrating their 40th anniversary. They wanted to commemorate this special event with some tailor-made merchandising. But we wanted to make sure this would be about more than just given away token gadgets. To better understand the brief we asked them some questions about the company values. From our initial conversations we quickly realised that the company is “green” at heart. Not in their business operation of course! But for them diving is all about love and respect the environment. Not only do they teach people to love and appreciate the marine environment but they also do regular cleanups involving many stakeholders on the island. (They also proudly informed us that they are the only dive centre on the island that completely separates its compressor oil waste at source).

Targeting an issue

Message on a bottle

Message on a bottle “The sea is our buddy. Treat with respect”

Once we had honed into the environmental message, we wanted to identify a problem that the giveaways (that would be the basis of the promotional message campaign) could solve. Dive Systems had an issue that they wanted to address – these were reusable plastic water bottles. Every diver receives a plastic water bottle before going out on a dive. Although the dive center encourages divers to reuse the bottle and fill it for free at a water-dispenser, many end up throwing the bottles away.

So Dive Systems wanted to address this situation. They wanted to contribute to the #NoPlastics movement in a meaningful way. Our idea was that they offer their customers a reusable 800ml sports bottle. This would be something durable that divers would treasure and integrate as a key part of their diving kit. The bottle would also provide them with the opportunity to communicate a message.

Communicating the message

You know you did something right when your idea is covered by several media outlets and features on national news.  We are particularly proud of this project not just because we helped Dive Systems reach their goal, but because of the environmental impact of this initiative. Ultimately this was not just about reducing the plastic waste by divers. The initiative also helped raise public awareness about keeping our seas plastic free.

Your campaign

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