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Getting stressed about all you need to do for the big day? Worry no more – below is our cheat sheet on the best gifts to have at your wedding

Everybody knows how much goes to into organising a wedding. It takes months of preparation, dozens of excel, and lets face it – a lot of arguments as well. Branded Malta wanted to help you a little, so we put together a cheat sheet of our top 4 gifts or souvenirs for your wedding.

1. Flip Flops

If you are getting married in Malta (or Gozo) and you’re doing so in the hot summer months offer flip flops. Your guests will be kissing your feet in gratitude. Not only women, but also men. One note of caution though. You’ll need to create an atmosphere where it’s ok to wear them. We once attended a wedding where the parents of the bride and groom took the lead and changed their shoes when they entered the venue. That gave it a nice touch. And I can tell you, once they did that there was a long queue next to the basket for the flips flops!

Flip Flops

A little treat for your dancing feet – flip flops at a wedding

2. Fans

Again; if you are getting married in summer and you have chosen your dream church and venue have you checked whether the venues is air-conditioned?!?! Probably even if it does, it’s not going to keep up with the summer heat. And if it’s an outdoor venue air-conditioning just won’t work! Don’t fret. We have a solutions for you. Give your guests a breather and offer them a fan. It can be a very simple and cost effective solution to your problem. If you would like to make it more personalised you can actually brand the fan and put your wedding date and initials giving what we think is a pretty “cool” souvenir!

3. Plants

Let your love grow.  Some plants will live, and some will die (many of ours do). But hey, when they do live, years down the line, you will be visiting friends and gloating over the greenery you helped spread.

We’ve received plants at weddings we’ve attended, and not having green fingers, you can imagine how that ended. However a lot of our friends have been successful in growing their shrubs,  and every now and again they share photos reminding us how literally spreading the seeds, can be quite fruitful!

Plant love

Let your love grow – plant love!

4. Sweets in a branded jar

VIP sweets for a VIP day!

A favourite Maltese souvenir is Perlini. But wouldn’t it be great to connect the tradition with something new? Instead of wrapping the Perlini in the usual doilies we’d suggest putting them in these branded jars to give out to your guests as souvenirs. And why not get them with the name of the bride and groom and the date of the wedding? For a bunch of other branded sweets and chocolates you can get for your wedding remember to check out our catalogues here.

These are  just a few ideas but the list of personalised items is endless. Contact us ahead of your big day and we’d be happy to discuss your requirements and give you our ideas. Let us worry about your souvenirs for a change!