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How Nespresso used cards in a different way. This time it was to invite adults to play: but with coffee and luxury catering! This is the story about a branding campaign using cards that look and feel like your traditional playing cards.

Following our new collaboration with a global leader in the field of game manufacturing we’ve decided to write this three part blog, to show what we can achieve if we unleash the power of play to promote your brand.

Luxury branding campaign

You may have heard of Nespresso Atelier. And if you haven’t, you’ve surely heard of the renowned coffee brand. Atelier is a perk for Nespresso club members. It allows the brand to reinforce its luxury status, inviting its members to a unique culinary experience. Think of it as brand building by infusing the senses with coffee and context. Atelier is a chance for Nespresso to tell its own story among a niche audience.

In Belgium Nespresso decided to take its Atelier event one notch up. And they did this using cards. However instead of heart and aces, Nespresso had a very different idea of how to use the cards. These would not be your traditional playing cards. The printing would contain pictures and information. And in this way Nespresso borrowed the feel and playfulness of the cards to project the feel and taste of a luxury food brand.

Two months ahead of the event, Nespresso started with a brainstorming session that would result in this awesome concept. The product would comprise a personal invitation and information cards for 36 different Atelier sessions. The cards would contain information on one side, and a high-resolution picture on the other side. Printing was to be in A6 format.

Invitation cards

The invitation cards contained information about the events location, its concept or the specific session they were asked to join. Nespresso packaged the cards in an ECO burlap bag and sent it to the invitees. Inside the bag there were also some coffee beans arousing the senses and triggering the imagination of the guests.

Information cards

At the event itself, amidst half-full wine glasses, gourmet dishes and expensive cutlery, beautiful cards were laid out on the tables. These contained information about the chefs, bartenders, the menu, the Nespresso coffee and the manufacturing process. These cards were not just a detail to the event, they brought it all together!

Goodie bag

To drive the message home (quite literally) Nespresso provided guests with a little box and the organised asked the guests to pick and take the cards they liked home with them.


After the event, for the final coup de grace, Nespresso sent the guests a final card to complete their set. This card contained a thank-you message for attending the event and a link to the photo album of the event itself.

The Nespresso event is just one of the many ways we can use and adapt elements of our games to help you build your brand. If you’re interested please speak to us and we will help you come up with great ideas that will lead to amazing products!

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