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There’s two things that kids love just as much as chocolate and sugar; and that’s collecting things, and playing with things. These are two key ingredients at the heart of Netto’s “Scottie” promotional campaign.

Following our collaboration with a global leader in the field of game manufacturing we’ve decided to write this three part blog, to show what we can achieve if we unleash the power of play to promote your brand.

Collectionism and play are two powerful forces in a child’s development. That’s why Danish supermarket giant, Netto, resorted to collectible playing cards to build customer loyalty. In 2014 they launched a promotional campaign in Germany, aimed at children involving around 108 collector cards and a 26 page collector’s album.

Award-winning Promotional Campaign

Centered around a character called Scottie, the theme of the cards was the marine environment. So the cards involved pictures and information on marine creatures in the eight marine regions of the world. The cards also had trump values on them. This would give kids a chance to play with their friends. In this way the whole community can be brought into the Netto campaign furore. Ozeanin 5 Sticker promotional campaign

The campaign was so successful it won a Haptica Promotional Gift Award in 2015. And Netto was so pleased with the results that they kept on developing the campaign. In 2015 they ran “Oceans 2: We surface” (this one had nothing to do with George Clooney’s Oceans 11, 12 or 13). They continued in 2016 and 2017 with “Oceans 3”, and “Oceans 4” respectively. They are currently in their 5th edition with “Oceans 5” which you can check out on the Netto Oceans 5 website.

Ozeanien 5 NETTO promotional campaignMeasuring Success

What is it that made Netto keep pushing with this campaign? Success of course. But success was not only measured in terms of the cards that were given out. Netto was able to measure the indirect impact that Scottie had on Netto’s sales figures. They did this by running the campaign over a specific period, isolating the campaign to specific stores, and using historic sales data.

For every 10€ spent in Netto stores, customers were given a ticket pack of four collectible cards in qualifying stores. In addition customers were given the chance to buy additional card packages for 0.50€ at cash registers. A system for exchanging doubles was also devised. In this way Netto gave young collectors the chance of completing their collection before the Scottie season expired!

Ozeanien 5 NETTO promotional campaign

Oceans 5

This year the campaign ran from 23rd July to 15th September so if you haven’t yet got your “Oceans 5: Scottie comes home” collection you just missed out!!

The Netto Scottie campaign presents an effective model of how we can help you design your own promotional marketing campaign. This not only drives sales, but ultimately it can truly help build your brand. If you’re interested please speak to us and we will help you come up with great ideas that will lead to amazing products!

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