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You might have heard about the term “glocalisation”. Well, if you haven’t it describes a new discovery by big brands that they need to connect more to their customers to build brand loyalty. As the world gets bigger, your customers may well join the millions who are seeking a more authentic experience. They are choosing brands which are more directly relevant to their lives. And there’s nothing more relevant to people’s lives than the realm of fun. Think personalised games!

Following our collaboration with a global leader in the field of game manufacturing we’ve decided to write this three part blog. We want to show what we can achieve if we unleash the power of play to promote your brand.

Personalised Games

Imagine if you could personalise a deck of traditional playing cards. Wouldn’t that be a fun giveaway that your customers will surely use? That’s easy-peasy. Now we can take the concept a step further. Imagine your brand gave customers the chance to personalise a deck of traditional playing cards with their own pictures! Your logo would feature on each card, but the customer gets to put their own pictures across the rest of the deck. How cool is that?

My Cards

That’s what MyCards is about. It allows you to create personalised games, Giving your customers the chance to identify with your brand.

You want your brand to be your customer’s brand. After all building brand loyalty is all about achieving that special connection. And guess what! With My Cards it’s not just the traditional deck of cards that can be personalised. You can also pick from dominoes, four-in-a-row and the all-time favourite “Uno”, among others.

Using an online portal which is can be integrated into your company or campaign website you could give customers the chance to personalise their very own cards. The experience is unique and a first in adaptation of promotional products. Mycards is just one of the many ways we can use and adapt elements of our games to help you build your brand. If you’re interested please speak to us. We will help you come up with great ideas that will lead to amazing products!

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