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At Branded Malta, we always say that the promotional products that have the longest impact, are not necessarily the most novel ones. Rather it’s often the traditional everyday products that tend to stick around. And nothing sticks around the office, the car, or the home as much as a good promotional pen!

El Primero promotional pen

Is the promotional pen passé?

Even in the age of the tablet (read ipad if you’re a Mac user), nothing beats pen and paper when it comes to jotting down something quickly. Now the thing is, some pens look terrible, feel cheap and “clickety”, and don’t work well. Don’t you hate it when you need to write something quickly, and the pen you reach for makes you sign your autograph a hundred times before the ink starts coming out? These are the pens that won’t last the test of time. And you definitely don’t want to have your brand associated with “broken” and “clickety”!

Enter, El Primero! El Primero is not your average pen. Rather it is one of those “made in Europe” pens that will hang around. Produced from durable polyvalent it consists of a simple and ergonomic design that can be fully personalised in a way that no other pen can! If you’re looking to make your mark with a personalised pen, then this is your best solution.

The Art of Personalisation

With a range of colours on the body, the clip and the buttons, you can design the pen in any colour you like. And if you think that the available colours aren’t right for your brand, there is also the possibility to customise the Pantone of the pen itself! And when it comes to printing, this is the best part, since you can print on virtually the whole pen. This is customisation galore.

And if gut is not enough, then take a look at the evidence! A study shows that 76% of customers think the pen is an important part of their daily personal activities! So if you want the chance for your brand to “write history”, then give out a bunch of nicely designed El Primero pens! And someone, somewhere is going to use your pen, at that special moment of inspiration or need.

If you’re interested and have any questions we’re more than happy to help you out. Just drop us an email or fill in the form here and we’ll get back to you asap!