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When you’re doing brand marketing you need to always dig into your bag of tricks! You’re always looking for the little things that help you #makeyourmark and get your message across! Here’s a page out of our book of secrets: and it’s about the paper bag.

Paper bag?

Nothing sells your brand better than your own customers. Showing that your products are out and about tells the world that you’re in demand. Show that people want your brand. And that makes other people want your brand too! And there’s no better way to achieve that aim than to package your products in branded shopping bags.

Bags are like the front cover of your story

You might be apprehensive about giving away something that is so common and likely to get ditched at the first opportunity. But don’t let that distract you from the main purpose of the shopping bag. The success of the shopping bag is not measured by how many days it survives the storage cabinet under the kitchen sink, but in the story it will tell front the moment your customer leaves your store. Now there’s good stories, bad stories, and no stories. Our shopping bags are designed to help you tell a great story!

But who’s going to see them?

A branded shopping bag tells everybody in the shopping mall, the car park, and perhaps all the way home that your merchandise is hot and on the move! Think of it as anything from 30 minutes to 5 hours of raw and subtle product placement. And the reach could be anything to a few passers-by outside the store, to thousands of people your customer will walk by on a busy shopping day. So if you’re thinking shopping bags are dead, think again! If you want to build your brand they are a no-brainer.

Choices, choices…

Now the types of bags you can get are endless. And at Branded Malta we can offer you anything from cotton tote bags, to synthetic fibre, to combinations of polymers. But nothing beats the look and feel of paper bags.

Paper shopping bags add to your customer experience by giving an authentic touch that can set the pitch of how your client will approach your product. The minute the customer gets home the first thing they will see and experience is lifting and opening the bag containing the product. These first 5 seconds can set the tone!

Our shopping bags can be fully customised with different printing, sizes, handles, or even paper finishes. Whether you are opting for a standard paper bag, or a laminated finish, you want to pick the combination that will complement your brand feel. If you believe in love at first sight, then remember, the bag is the first thing your customers will see!


Did you know that the paper bag was invented in 1852 by American priest and inventor, Francis Wolle? In an edition of The Botanical Gazette dated 1893 Wolle is described as a botanist who was also “the first patentee.. of machinery for making paper bags”… Little did they know at the time how popular this creation would go on to become!