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The Retap collection consists of the Retap bottle, carafes and water glasses. Retap Drinkware is especially designed to drink tap water. Retap brings a cost-effective and eco-friendly way to provide water at your workplace or home.

If you’re one of those people whose job includes attending a bunch of meetings, you’ll be pretty familiar with the boardroom experience. You’re sitting there, waiting for your counter-party to arrive. You find yourself looking around the meeting room to take in the whole setup. Inevitably you notice the dusty conferencing phone and the branded stationery. Then on the table you see the placeholders and the sullen water jug anxiously awaiting your attention. But after 30 seconds of looking around you will often find yourself uninspired and soon enough you reach out for your smartphone.

Let’s try this again from the top.

You’re sitting there in the boardroom, but this time, as you look around you spot a Retap bottle. You take in the carefully designed curves and the slick branding on the bottle. You spot the attractive cap which is not like anything you’ve seen before. It may be a fleeting 10 seconds but a meaningful moment is all she needed to connect with you.

But Retap is much more than first impressions. And Retap drinkware has a place well beyond the boardroom. Retap bottles symbolise a culture of consuming sustainable water. So when you associate yourself with Retap you make a statement not just about your company but also about the individuals using it.

The 7 reasons why we love the Retap Bottle: Retap is…



Retap Drinkware brings elegance and sophistication to your wardrobe, office desk, kitchen countertop and dinner table. The simple and functionalistic Scandinavian design guarantees a great water flow. Retap Drinkware was created because we believe that drinking water should be easy and enjoyable.


Retap makes its Drinkware from high-strength borosilicate glass a durable glass used in laboratories to make high-end cookware. Borosilicate glass is heat-resistant, light-weight and sustainable. This makes Retap Drinkware both functional and durable.


Borosilicate glass meets the highest hygienic standards. It is a pure material without lead or cadmium and cannot contaminate your water. It is 100% safe for your personal health. 

#4 ECO

Drink tap water from your Retap collection. Refilling reusable drinkware is easy and inexpensive will mean you can do away with extra plastic waste.


Retap Drinkware is dishwasher, microwave and refrigerator safe. It is designed without any edges where bacteria can accumulate and grow, so it is easier to clean it in the dishwasher.


You can customise Retap bottles, Retap carafe and Retap glasses with your company logo or brand name practically on any part of the bottle. This gives you ultimate branding flexibility.


Retap Drinkware is designed in Denmark and manufactured in Europe. Retap won three design awards for the Retap Bottle: The Red Dot Design Award, the Promotional Gift Award and the Good Design Award.

Contact us if you have any questions! But in the meantime you might like to click the following links to download Retap product sheets:

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