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At Branded Malta we believe in sharing our knowledge and ideas. And we love the energy and ideas which new people bring with them. So this year we will once again offer a limited number of 3 to 6 month internship programmes. We sat down with our outgoing intern, Harisson Mazauric to hear more about his experience with Branded Malta.

internship interview

How did your internship start off?

My internship with Branded Malta started just four days after landing on the Island. So everything was still very new. Not just the job, but the country and my surroundings. On my first day I met each person on the team, and had a meeting with my manager. I was given an overview of rule and tasks.

What were you first impressions when you started your internship?

When you work for Branded Malta you have to keep in mind that you work for a family-owned startup company. This means that you’re going to be given a front-line role and that your daily tasks are going to be really different and varied. At once I felt that I was going to gain a lot of knowledge from my experience by participating actively in the company’s operations. The staff and management were open and friendly, and almost all conversations took place in English. From the outset I realised that being at Branded Malta I’d have the opportunity to communicate easily with all the team members and ask questions.

What was your first task ?

During the first week I had the opportunity to familiarise myself with  the industry vocabulary and the product offering. I would say my first task was the research assignment I received which consisted of preparing a presentation on print techniques. This was a great chance to learn about the sector while brushing up my presentation skills.

Compared to the companies where you worked before what was the difference with Branded Malta?

In previous internships I’ve had the opportunity to work with large companies. This internship was very different because being part of a startup meant that I could get the chance to do a bunch of different activities. One moment you could be receiving deliveries, and doing the necessary verifications and the next moment I could be in a meeting with a client participating in the discussion on their marketing strategy and a potential promotional product campaign. Some of the tasks were practical and involved photography or content writing, while others were conceptual or research-based. 

What was the best thing about your internship?

I’d have to mention two things. Firstly there was a real group atmosphere. As an intern, you’re not alone. If you need anything someone is always there to help out. Secondly I also had the opportunity to work really closely with the CEO, reporting to him directly, and this was a great chance to learn new skills and see what it entails to manage a business.

And what would you say was the hardest thing?

I really don’t like to show on photos! And there were a number of situations where I felt it was necessary, such as at the Christmas dinner and during a fair in which we were exhibiting. But now I’m glad I have the photos to cherish those memories!

So overall would you say you had a good experience?

Definitely. I chose to do an internship in Malta, primarily because I wanted to brush up my English while working in the marketing field. From the start I told to my CEO to give me tasks that would help me increase my knowledge. And that’s exactly what he did!

To be honest, internships often don’t measure up to what they promise to be. This is the problem with most internships. But it was different here. I had the opportunity to learn and experience first hand. I learnt a lot about marketing. And I also learnt a lot about practical skills which I am sure will come in handy in future in my career. Being French, I learned a lot about a real company, a real team, in another market, in another country. According to me it’s very important to be able to adapt to different situations by opening up your horizons.

What are your best memories? 

Professionally, I’d have to say the highlight was the fair of the 19th October. Our team worked a lot to prepare for this event and there was a lot of anticipation for the big day. Being at the fair was a great opportunity for the company to show what it stood for. I learnt a lot during this period about how to plan for an event, how to choose the right products that you want to show and how to manage the logistics that bring everything together. It was also a chance to meet a lot of people and pitch to them the company’s products and services. The event was a fusion of sales and marketing and everybody gave their bit. I felt really useful on this day.

On a personal level, my best memory was the Christmas dinner just before we went off for our Christmas holiday. It was a chance to get to know my colleagues on a personal level, and I must say, I’ve never met colleagues like them before! I really enjoyed this moment.

Team photo

After 6 months in Malta, what can you say about the country?

I discovered a new culture. That’s what I like most about living abroad. I’m not as fluent in English, but I do feel that my English is better after this internship. And thanks to the deliveries we did for our clients, I also got the chance to properly visit and appreciate Malta 🙂 Seriously though, I liked the richness of Malta’s history. It really is a melting pot of old cultures.

The first thing I visited in Malta was the war museum in Valletta . Then I discovered St. Julian’s with its infamous Paceville. Another of my favourite places was Golden Bay; what a beautiful place! I also loved the Maltese food (my colleagues made sure to make me discover Maltese specialities like Pastizzi and Rabbit).

Anything you’d like to add?

All in all it was a great experience! I doubt I’ll be meeting such kind people in my professional life any time soon. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank them for everything and wish them all the best for the future!


We put our interns in the front seat and offer them the chance to truly be a part of our team. If you’re looking for 3 to 6 months of making coffee and photocopies, then our internship is definitely not for you! But if you want a proper immersion into the working world and like the idea of a product-driven creative environment then send us an email with your CV and we’d love to consider your application!