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Plastic has become a hot issue when we talk about the sustainability of our planet. Shocking images about plastic waste surface online and as a responsible business we to want to offer clients products that are green, reusable and recyclable. One of the recent, most notable items that many outlets had to consider to replace are straws.

8.3 billion plastic straws pollute the world’s beaches. Once discarded they can cause great harm to animals and wildlife. Plastic Straws and stirrers are one of the Top 5 plastic polluters of our oceans.

Out with single use straws

Credit: Alexander Kim

Now there’s a couple of different solutions out there when it comes to replacing plastic straws. But we weren’t particular excited with many of them, until we discovered this product, recently thought up by an eco European startup. The solution is the glass straw!! We quickly got in touch with them and partnered up to offer their products to our clients.

Glass straws are reusable and reduce the environmental impact. They also feel great and make the experience of sipping your mocktail or favourite beverage that much more exciting.

Eco-process down to the last detail

It’s not just the product itself that is eco friendly but also the customisation. By offering laser engraving your customised glass straws also use the most environmentally friendly personalisation process. Moreover laser engraved customisation means you can pop the straws into the dishwasher countless times, without any risk of the personalisation waring off.

Go crazy with customised straws

Printing your company name or logo is the most obvious way of direct marketing. But there’s also a lot of other creative ways you might like to use these straws. Here are our top three ideas:

  • Engrave a wise quote and create your own “straw version” of the Baci chocolate wrappers (or for those unfamiliar with the famed chocolates, you might be familiar with Chinese Fortune Cookies)
  • Ask your customer a question that gets them thinking
  • Engrave a joke so the bartender can check if you’ve had enough to drink already 😉

These are just some ideas to spark your imagination. In need of others? Don’t hesitate to contact us! Brainstorming and implementing fab merchandising ideas is what we live for!