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Is it a plant? Is it a tree? Why, it’s a SPROUT PENCIL!

Sprout Pencil

Bibadee Babidee Boom

This clever invention brings us one step closer to becoming Cinderella’s fairy godmother! Only instead of a pumpkin into a carriage you will turn pencils into plants! Now wouldn’t it be great if your faithful wooden writing instrument wasn’t just made of 100% sustainable materials, but that at the end of its life, it could also be transformed into for instance, a tomato plant, a sunflower plant, or beautiful carnations?

Sprout pencils started off as a novel idea, but they’ve quickly become a popular promotional gift. And it’s no surprise, because it’s a product that’s low on cost, big on message, and kind to the planet. Moreover, it’s the kind of gift that you can give over and over, because you never have enough pencils, nor enough plants!

Sprouting the idea

Just as much as we love this promotional product, we also love the story of how it came to be. It all started when a group of graduate product design students at MIT University in the US were tasked to come up with a product for the eco-friendly office of the future. The result of their work was Sprout pencil and the enthusiastic students decided to put the project on Kickstarter. By Autumn 2012 they found 2086 backers and by the end of 2014 they managed to sell around a million products.

Sustainable to the core

The pencils are made from PEFC/FSC-certified wood. These global certification programs confirm that the wood used comes from fully sustainable forests. A new tree is planted for each tree harvested and used to make the pencils. Moreover, all the materials used are 100% biodegradable and non-toxic; from the seed capsule to the 100% natural clay and graphite core.

All of this means that by using the Sprout pencil as a promotional giveaway your very choice of article has sent a strong message about your brand values and what you stand for. Add to that the sleek laser engraving through which you can get your logo branded, and the possibility of adding attractive eco packaging to expand your advertising real estate, this item is a promotional gem.

Sounds interesting? Come check out these pencils at our studio! Just drop us a line and we can send you any information you need.