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In times like these, you give and give again. And that includes giving to employees.

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After health, the economy has been the worst to suffer from the Covid-19 pandemic. Health authorities have been taking measures to control the spread of the virus. And as a result many businesses have ceased or scaled back their operations. Italy, with one of the most advanced healthcare systems in the world, was practically brought to its knees.And nobody wanted to risk being the second Italy. While the measures have affected different businesses differently, what is certain is that all employees have been impacted one way or another. This could be the right time to think about giving to employees.

Difficult times

Many businesses had to shut down their operations completely. Restaurants, entertainment venues and hotels are among those most badly impacted by the crisis. Some of these companies are already reaching out to their employees by keeping them on the books (even as their revenues ground to a complete halt). Others have gone a step further by doing something to show employees that they are thinking of them.

Giving to employees

But it’s not just companies suffering from the pandemic that are looking to give something to their employees. Companies such as Lactalis and Schindler Italia have taken out special extensive healthcare policies for their employees. These even include sickness benefits to make up for potential lost wages. Other companies such as Ferrero and French foodstuffs manufacturer Bonduelle have given out special bonuses. This is meant to show employees gratitude for working in such difficult times. Renowned pasta producer, Rana, offered a 400 euro voucher for babysitting, in addition to its bonus.

All of these actions go a long way to assisting employees in times of stress and difficulty. And where employees have felt neglected their bosses have come under criticism both by their employees and the public at large.

Stress and anxiety

These are difficult times for employees. The overall economic impact of the virus has yet to be measured. And this uncertainty creates significant anxiety. In addition employees are often coping from increased work stress. This could be because of short-term surges in demand or supply chain disruptions. Maybe the stay-at-home measures create difficult living situations. Or in some cases the task lists of employees has exploded as companies struggle for survival. All you need is to add to this is the reduction in help many are facing. Schools and childcare centres in many places are closed. And for some, grandparents or babysitters are off-bounds.

So in times like these…

Whatever your situation, reaching out to your employees in these difficult times is a good idea. As the lyrics from the famous Foo Fighters song go, “in times like these, you give and give again”. There are many things you can be giving to employees to help out. Start obviously from keeping them on the payroll. Then there’s a bunch of other token actions you can take to show that you care.

Top-7 list of things you can do

Here’s our list of thing to do for your employees, not just now, but for the foreseeable future, until we are completely out of the woods.

  1. Keep them on the payroll and as far as possible avoid any pay-cuts.
  2. Increased flexibility in working time if you have instituted work-at-home measures.
  3. Extensive safety equipment for all employees. Make sure they wear this as they return to the office or place of work. You can even get many of these items branded (such as sublimation face-masks).
  4. Health insurance coverage is a good idea, particularly since we risk a second-wave (even as the economy starts to reopen).
  5. Sending employees a care kit is a great way to remind them you are thinking of them. This is especially great for those stuck inside in quarantine.
  6. If you are a company that has continued to experience the same level (or even increased) business give something back to your employees through bonuses. Another option is offering an extra allocation of time-off to be used some time in the future.
  7. Top management should make it a point to be more available to communicate to employees. Assist them with their concerns in such times.

What are you doing for your employees? If you’re thinking of sending your employees gifts or even a branded care package please reach out and we’ll help you put something amazing together. And check out the following video for some ideas!