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In this article we’d like to share with you some stories of how brands we represent have shifted their production to help out in this global health pandemic.

Covid19 brought many challenges for the promotional products sector. But it has also brought with it a sense of pride in the work our partners have been doing.  Here’s how they have been helping to fight this global health crisis.


PFConcept is the leader in the promotional product industry. As their representative in Malta, Branded Malta is proud  to mention their work in developing and producing straps for face masks. This item primarily was designed with healthcare workers in mind. The straps enable face masks to be worn more comfortably and to adjust for the difference in the size of the face of the individual. It might not seem like much if you’re just wearing a face mask for a few minutes a day. But for those healthcare workers who wear masks for long hours at a stretch, a comfortable fit is crucial to prevent bruising.

A large number of these straps were donated to NHS Nightingale hospitals in the UK, which is where one of the main manufacturing plants is located.


A major global leader in games manufacturing, Cartamundi is another brand we are proud to represent. When the health pandemic broke out, Cartamundi put parts of its operations to good use. It assigned many of its resources to tackle the shortage of protective healthcare equipment.

In the US they decided to design, manufacture and donate face shields to the organizations that need them the most. These were built upon open-source designs from the United States Food and Drug Administration.

Meanwhile in Ireland they placed part of their production capacity to assist in assembling medical test kits. And in the UK they teamed up with a local charity to raise funds in order to supply Covid19 assistance.

Hugo Boss

The brand behind our luxury promotional products, Hugo Boss needs no introduction. The company has shifted some of its manufacturing efforts to create face masks and protective clothing. Hugo Boss plans to donate the items produced to public facilities such as nursing homes and fire departments.

Health aside

The promotional products industry has kept itself busy by doing its bit. And this aside from continuing to assist and support clients to produce and plan amazing promotional product campaigns. Borders are starting to slowly reopen. And hopefully life will start to return to normal. All said and done, we look forward to getting back full time to promotional campaign marketing!

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