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Our ethos is to help businesses get seen, responsibly. It’s on this basis that we built the slogan behind our brand: see my mark.

We think of ourselves as a young, responsible and experienced company. Our thinking is not constrained by boxes. But we are pragmatists and our advice and product offering is guided by practical considerations (such as budget, and operational constraints).

Our brand identity

Our logo uses the product barcode to indicate the main tool we use to help our clients get seen: corporate gifts and promotional products.

With our brand name we wanted to play with the phonetic sound of the letter C and “MK”, the shortened form of the word “mark”. The result, CMYMK, is an unorthodox display of our slogan: “see my mark”. The letters CMYMK are also reminiscent of the abbreviation “CMYK” which denotes one of the popular print processes in product branding. This allows us to create a second dimension in the brandname linking to what it is we do.

Our standard brand colours are Magenta and black on a white background. Magenta is our favourite of the four colours from the CMYK print process. Magenta also links to our company history because it was the main colour of our previous brand, Branded Malta.

Overall we have created a brand name that is at once distinct and loaded with meaning.  At the same time, by building it around our slogan, it spells out exactly what we help our clients achieve.

Previously known as Branded Malta

Branded Malta was established in 2017 as a promotional products distributor. The business spawned from an experiment of its co-founders, who were looking for a new venture to enter into. Their first idea was to import memory products to Malta. After digging into their contact list they were signed up as local representatives for European storage and memory product manufacturer Goodram. Soon the founders realised that branded USBs were the items they most enjoyed working with. So they quickly expanded their offering to include a full range of promotional products and corporate gifts.

The name “Branded Malta”

The business name itself consisted of putting together two generic words that described their main activity. The founders registered the trademark logo and went on to promote it with their business network. After exhibiting at a number of local trade shows and building a good social media presence they established a strong customer base and Branded Malta came into being.

Rebranding to CMYMK

After three years in operation it was felt that the business needed a more permanent base to operate from. Meanwhile the team also started to discover that the trademark itself was too generic. Also retaining the word “Malta” in the title, restricted the business from export ambitions. So in 2020 Branded Malta began a process of transition to the new trade name: CMYMK. The shift to CMYMK was finalised at the beginning of 2021 with the launch of the CMYMK studio in Msida.