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Water is one of the most important resources on our planet. It is something that many of us living in developed countries might take fore granted.

But scientists have been warning us about some worrying developments. With global warming we are now seeing that by 2025 50% of the world population will experience water stress (a lack of access to sufficient and ready to use water). Already today 785 million people are living without access to safe water. And the problem is about the get much worse.

But reducing water use can help decrease the problem. By reducing consumption of products that use a lot of water, we can free up this precious resource for where it is really needed! That’s why this year we are celebrating World Water Day by showcasing our new Impact Collection. The Impact Collection is a set of products that helps reduce water consumption and contribute to positive change.

How does Impact help?

By using recycled polyesters and cotton IMPACT products save thousands of litres of water. For instance a regular tote bag can use around 1631 litres of water. Imagine that! An IMPACT tote bag on the other hand requires almost zero water resulting in massive water savings. Just like the tote bags there is a list of products which are produced with sustainable and recycled materials reducing the amount of water consumed.

No Greenwashing

Environmentally-friendly claims are all the rage and many copy-cats are coming out of their woodwork, all with their own fake eco-marketing claims. The problem is, when they make fake claims they are misleading the consumer to believe you are helping the environment. Instead you actually end up making more harm than good! To address this, IMPACT is making use of AWARE technology to validate its environmental claims. This means that it is possible to ensure that the materials used are genuine (not fake!) and that IMPACT products actually DO have the impact they claim to have!

How is this achieved? IMPACT uses a combination of tracer technology and blockchain to verify the material that is used in the production process. In this way the material can be tracked, checked, and verified at every stage of the process. Think of it as a security feature similar to those contained in paper money. And just like with fake cash, if it turns up, it will be possible to identify it and take it off the market. This is a hugely important step in the fight against unsustainable manufacturing processes and misleading eco marketing. Find out more about this technology and watch the following video.

Be part of the change

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Making sustainable choices when you are picking out promotional products. In this way you can be part of the change and contribute to the environment. Sustainable products will not only allow you to do you bit, but they will have a multiplier effect. When someone receives a promotional item made from sustainable materials, they also become a contributor and disciple of sustainability. It also doesn’t hurt to brag about it a little.