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Easter 2022 is round the corner and with it a new opportunity to reward your employees and customers with branded Easter chocolates.

Today, with Covid restrictions and hybrid forms of working, it has become more important than ever to recognise the people you work and interact with regularly. So Easter presents us with another amazing opportunity to show that your brand appreciates people.

Easter chocolates

When it comes to branded Easter gifts, there’s a ton of gifts that could be adapted for the Easter season, but if you’re after something truly unique why not take a look at our Easter chocolates section? Here is a quick rundown of our 5 favourite picks for 2022:

Easter Six

Bunny Puzzle

Easter Egg Box

1. Easter Six

This is an absolute favourite. It consists of an actual carton of 6 delicious mini chocolate eggs! The eggs have yummy nut filling and can be branded in full colours with a printed banderole that wraps around the carton. The cartons are small enough to make a convenient gift, and cool enough to leave a lasting impression.

2. Bunny Puzzle

Any building block enthusiasts out there? This delicious chocolate puzzle consists of three pieces of chocolate which put together form an easter bunny. Did anyone ever tell you to not play with your food? This is the time to NOT listen to them! The chocolate puzzle is decorated with festive sprinkles and comes in a beautiful box that can be branded with your logo and colours.

3. Easter Egg Box

The Easter in a Box makes for an all-time classic gift. This 10g easter egg may be small but with full colour printing possible all around the box, it offers you big possibilities for branding.

4. Flat chocolate Egg

If you are after variety then the flat chocolate egg is a great choice for you because this 65g piece of chocolate comes in 3 different chocolate flavour combinations! Choose from milk chocolate with pineapple, blackberries and crunchy spheres covered with salty caramel, dark chocolate with strawberries, peach and crunchy spheres covered with salty caramel, or white chocolate with orange, cranberries and crunchy spheres covered with milk chocolate. And don’t forget, the box can be branded with your logo!

5. Cookie Bag

If chocolate bunnies or eggs are not your thing then this bag of chocolate chip cookies will be a great alternative. This cool little bunny-shaped tote bag comes filled with 35g of mini oatmeal cookies with chocolate chips. And the tag on the bunny ears can contain your branding together with a special note or message.

Cookie Bag

Flat chocolate egg

Don’t wait till it’s too late

Easter chocolates have a bit of a longer lead time than other items, usually around 5 weeks, so don’t wait for the egg to hatch!! If you’re interested in any of the options above or need our assistance please reach out to us right away! We can advise you further depending on your budget and preferences and we would be glad to help you make your gifting project come through. your urlphone coverdiscover more here