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Elevate Your Business Gifting with Sustainable Innovations

This winter season make the most of gifting opportunities to give something that is useful, meaningful and contributes positively to the environment! In the ever-evolving world of corporate gifting, making a meaningful statement goes a long way. Move beyond the ordinary and embrace our extraordinary, eco-friendly gifts that will not only elevate your brand, but also contribute to a better planet:

1. Ocean Bottle: Revolutionizing Hydration

Picture this: your beverages staying hot for a whopping 8 hours and cold for an incredible 18 hours. Meet the Ocean Bottle, a 500ml vacuum insulated water bottle that defies the norms of temperature retention. But the magic doesn’t end there. This bottle isn’t just a marvel of insulation. It is also an environmental superhero. Each Ocean Bottle is entirely carbon neutral and is made from collecting 1,000 plastic bottles; a great way to support coastal communities. Now, that’s awesome!

2. Stylish Sustainability: Iqoniq Hoodie and Joggers Combo

Introducing our Unisex Organic Cotton Hoodie and matching Joggers – a stylish fusion of fashion and sustainability. Iqoniq hoodies and joggers are crafted from 100% cotton, half of which is recycled and the other half organic. This combo offers both comfort and conscientious style. What’s more, 2% of the proceeds from each sale go to, a fantastic organization ensuring clean water for those in need. Whether you’re stepping out or snuggling indoors, this combo is your perfect companion.

3. Bobby Hero Anti-Theft Backpack: Beyond Ordinary

Say goodbye to theft with the Bobby Hero Regular Anti-Theft Backpack. With cut-proof protection, hidden zippers, and secret pockets, it’s more than just a bag. The Bobby is your fortress on the move. Packed with features like a built-in USB charger, water-repellent fabric, and illuminating safety strips, it is a game-changer in mobility. The special compartment for laptops, tablets, and essentials makes it an unparalleled choice.

4. Swiss Peak RCS Repu Notebook: Where Luxury Meets Convenience

Tired of messy cables? Say hello to luxury and convenience. This A5 PU material notebook isn’t your average notebook. It will wirelessly charge your Apple watch and phone. The notebook has a foldable 2-in-1 wireless charger that seamless hides in the notebook. Why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary? Step-up your charging game with this luxury, eco-friendly notebook, and never worry about finding a charging outlet again!

5. Tree-Free Infinity Pencil: The Everlasting Writing Solution

Our personal favorite, the Tree-Free Infinity Pencil, is here to revolutionize your writing experience. With an astounding writing length of up to 20,000 meters, it outlasts a hundred traditional wooden pencils. Thanks to its amazing graphite tip, it creates smooth, erasable markings just like your classic pencil. But here’s the best part: it wears down so slowly that you’ll forget what it’s like to buy pencils frequently. Say hello to the pencil that keeps on writing. And your thoughts will continue to flow endlessly.

Choosing these eco-friendly marvels for your business gifts speaks volumes about your brand. It also lets you show off your sustainability credentials. It’s time to make a difference – one gift at a time. Elevate your gifting game with these eco-friendly gifts and embrace the extraordinary!

Turn your eco-friendly gifts into a branded gift pack!

We can also put a number of items together to create a gift set with your very own branded eco-friendly gifts. Get you selected gifts in beautiful branded packaging and a personalised gift card, for your brand to make a real splash this gifting season! Please reach out to us and we would be delighted to design your very own gift pack!