Pheebs 150 g/m² Aware™ recycled tote bag

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Tote bag made of a 150 g/m² recycled cotton polyester blend. This bag folds easily to fit in a small space, and is the perfect companion for a variety of activities like grocery shopping, day trips or craft projects. Recycled cotton is manufactured from pre-consumer waste generated by textile factories during the cutting process. Similar colours are blended together so no additional dyeing is required. Due to the nature of recycled cotton, there may be a very slight colour variation. This distinctly adds to a more authentic appearance. Each bag also comes with an Aware™ tracer. This innovative feature allows users to trace the origins and journey of their item through a QR code, enhancing transparency in the supply chain and fostering a stronger connection between the product and its production process. Resistance up to 5 kg weight. Handle length: 31 cm.

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38 x 42 cm


Heather black, Heather blue, Natural