Promoting in a crises

In the following article CMYMK directors, Matthew Gatt and Anika Gatt Seretny discuss how promoting with promotional items can make a difference also in times of crisis. The following is based on an interview with Coryse Borg that was originally published on NEWSBOOK ON 12TH MAY 2021. Since COVID-19 struck, a lot of companies have… Read more »

Celebrate World Water Day with IMPACT

Water is one of the most important resources on our planet. It is something that many of us living in developed countries might take fore granted. But scientists have been warning us about some worrying developments. With global warming we are now seeing that by 2025 50% of the world population will experience water stress… Read more »

Promotional message on a bottle

How our promotional message campaign got featured on the national news. The brief Dive Systems approached us a couple of months before the assignment, saying that they were celebrating their 40th anniversary. They wanted to commemorate this special event with some tailor-made merchandising. But we wanted to make sure this would be about more than just… Read more »

5 tips for effective marketing!

The key to effective marketing is a strong message because without it, all our marketing efforts just become noise. And like most successful companies you probably have a clear brand. We’d like to share with you 5 tips on how to manage your brand message effectively. Define your message Make sure it is clearly defined…. Read more »