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From embossing to engraving, printing, etching, sewing – customising an item instantly makes it more special. Go the extra mile and you’re guaranteed a smile.


Embroidery involves the process of sewing many stitches of thread into a base fabric or material using an embroidery machine.

Different colours of branding are possible using different colour threads. Because the threads are stitched into the promotional item the resulting logo will be long lasting and just as durable for wash cycles as the product itself.

Embroidery also gives a nice embossed finish to your logo.

Digital printing

Digital printing involves printing digital images directly onto the promotional item with a digital printer. It does not involve creation of a print plate, like with pad printing.

Digital printing is ideal for shorter print runs, for projects that require individual personalization through variable data printing (VDP) and where the project involves printing many colours or colour gradients.

Pad printing

Pad or tampo printing, involves creating a printing plate that is then used, by a silicon pad to transfer ink onto the promotional item.

Pad printing is useful for infusing ink onto objects with irregular or curved shapes. But it is also a very popular print method for all surfaces.

Pad printing is an economic and good quality print solution for printing on many promotional items.

Laser/CO2 engraving

Laser engraving consists of using a laser to burn a shape or design into an object.

Laser engraving is a reductive branding technique that involves taking away material from the base item. Because it permanently alters the shape of the item, it is a very durable and permanent print technique.

Laser engraving does not involve adding colour to the item.

Transfer print

Heat-transfer, or thermal printing, is when heat is used to transfer your logo or branding from wax onto your promotional product.

Transfer printing can either be done using pre-printed wax sheets, or directly by layering wax dye onto the promotional product.

The resulting image is created in the form of a layer of ink over the promotional item. Heat-transfer print is a popular alternative to screenprint or pad print.


Screenprint, also referred to as silk screen print or serigraphy, involves using a mesh screen to force ink onto the promotional item in the logo or design pattern of your artwork.

Unlike digital printing with screenprint each colour must be applied separately. However the technique allows printing very vibrant colours and replicating the artwork very quickly for larger quantities of items. For this reason it is very popular for printing on textiles.

Sublimation printing

Sublimation printing involves printing onto a special sheet of paper and then transferring the ink onto another material using heat. However sublimation printing differs to heat transfer printing because with sublimation printing the ink is infused into the object, and does not create a separate layer above it.

With sublimation printing we are able to print in full colours, including using colour gradients where required.

Embossing / debossing

Embossing or debossing involves manipulating the shape of the logo or design that you want branded into the item or object.

Embossing creates a raised image, while debossing involves stamping into the object, causing an indented image. Both techniques usually first require the creation of a metal plate with the logo or design that is going to be embossed or debossed.

Because of the nature of this technique embossing or debossing can be performed on materials which are soft but sufficiently subject to manipulation such as leather or paper. In some cases embossed or debossed artwork can also be infilled with a special colour layer for a special finish.

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Anika is one of the most professional people I've ever met. She can anticipate client's needs and she provides an incredible customer service. I worked with her and her company for many different projects and I was never disappointed. I would strongly recommend CMYMK!

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Excellent service, going above and beyond to come up with original ideas and obtain memorable corporate gifts. Our clients loved the branded bottles we gave them; most of them point to the bottle on their desk when we meet them, and tell us they use it every day. Well done!

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Nothing but great things to say about this company, starting with their immediate response to enquiries, a seamless ordering process and bang-on-time delivery. Matthew and his team truly deliver, on every aspect. They are super-reliable and my go-to company for merchandising.

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We have used the services of CMYMK on several occasions. They are quick to reply and give you various options so its easy to decide and get things moving. We were very satisfied with quality and price. Definitely recommended.

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Very original products, excellent personal service and very fast and efficient delivery. Well done.

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