5 myths about “sustainable”

Environmental-friendly consumption can be tough work and we constantly face new myths about “sustainable” and what it is to make environmentally-friendly decisions. There’s a lot of helpful information out there building on the three Rs of waste management: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. But there’s also a lot of advertising material and misinformation (greenwashing) that doesn’t really… Read more »

Celebrate World Water Day with IMPACT

Water is one of the most important resources on our planet. It is something that many of us living in developed countries might take fore granted. But scientists have been warning us about some worrying developments. With global warming we are now seeing that by 2025 50% of the world population will experience water stress… Read more »

Promote – even in a crisis!

In times of economic strife businesses tighten their budgets and brace themselves for the short term by trimming the “fat”.  Budgets on promotional campaigns and giveaways often suffer such cuts and brands promote themselves less. But don’t rush to slash your budgets. According to the Harvard Business Review, “failing to support brands” undermines companies in… Read more »

CMYMK promotional studio launched in Msida

Corporate Press Release – 5th February 2021 CMYMK, a promotional product and corporate gift distributor, has launched their studio in Msida where customers will be able to find inspiration for branding campaigns and acquire promotional items. “With the state of the current Covid19 pandemic businesses need to carefully manage their marketing budgets and get back… Read more »

Quarantine Competition Winner

We’ve just announced the winner of the Quarantine Competition! And just like that another competition has come to successful close with a lucky winner getting a brand new set of XD headphones. Competitions are a chance for us to connect with a wider audience, but most especially we like them because they are a chance… Read more »